Friday, 2 March 2012

Deep Space Nine - Season Two

The Homecoming written by Ira Steven Behr and directed by Winrich Kolbe

Result: It feels like the DS9 universe is opening out in a very positive way with political machinations and intense character work taking place of daft science fiction plots. The Homecoming is the third dazzling episode of this show in a row and another piece that continues to unpeel fascinating layers to the situation on Bajor. Everything feels a little brighter and more expensive with the new season and amazingly between seasons none of the characters have been altered in the slightest because they were coming together so strongly at the end of the first year. Kira gets some more great moments but this is an ensemble piece and there are plenty of great scenes to go around. Strong character work, expert world building and only the barest glimmer of technobabble; DS9 is discovering its own unique brand of Star Trek: 9/10

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Result: The Circle has everything I want from DS9 and more. Its dramatic, funny, beautifully acted, superbly written and is brought to life with expense and evocative imagery. The show continues to ride high on the dizzying mix of political intrigue and religious plotting and when you add the wealth of incredible character scenes the show feels sophisticated without ever feeling too complicated or dreary. We’re only two seasons into this show but for me Kira Neyrs has already become my favourite Trek character because of her astonishing character growth and this is another cracking spotlight on her character. The way this three parter continues to unflower through its willingness to take risks is immensely satisfying and before this episode is out we have experienced farce, erotica, action and drama. This is Trek for grown ups: 10/10

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The Siege written by Michael Piller and directed by Winrich Kolbe


Hobbes said...

Where is the rest of deep space nine season 2? I enjoy your reviews and would like to read the rest of season 2.

Sam Palmer said...

agreed. your thoughts on this season are something I'd be very interested to hear.

Joe Ford said...

If you send me your email address and I can send the word document to you - its a bit scruffy and I will get around to posting it again but at the moment I just don't have the time. I'm up to my eyeballs in Spanish! Hasta luego :-)

Joe Ford said...

Oh my email is

Arcane Azmadi said...

You really do need to get back to finishing this. Episodes like The Wire are just too good to leave unreviewed.