Monday, 30 April 2012

88lbs down! Rock on!

The first picture was me last November and the second is me two days ago! 6 stone 2lbs down and counting! A small moment of self congratulation!


jolly lion said...

As much as I love your reviews - this is my favourite post, well done you!

I've only shifted two stone so far (started in January!) but listening to Big Finish has played a big part of regular exercise!!

Hurrah to you!

Doc Oho said...

Many thanks! You are very kind! Big Finish also helped me out greatly as I worked out!

Here's to our weight loss! :-)

Murphy said...

Fantastic stuff, well done. I've only just started my diet (the nightmare begins...) and your post has inspired me, thanks.

Great reviews, by the way.

Doc Oho said...

Good luck Murphy...if I can do it, anyone can! :-) x