Saturday, 30 June 2012

The Eighth Doctor

The Eighth Doctor

The TV Movie -
The Eight Doctors - 
End Game - 
The Glorious Dead - 
Oblivion - 
The Flood - 
The Witch from the Well -
Army of Death - 
Living Legend -
The Cabinet of Light -
Rip Tide -
The Eye of the Tyger -
The Four Doctors -
Vampire Science -
The Bodysnatchers -
Genocide -
War of the Daleks - 
Alien Bodies -
Kursaal -
Option Lock -
Longest Day -
War of the Daleks -
Dreamstone Moon -
Seeing I -
Placebo Effect -
Venderdeken's Children -
The Scarlet Empress -
The Janus Conjunction -
Beltempest -
The Face Eater -
The Taint - 
Demontage -
Fallen Gods -
The Infinity Doctors - 10/10
Doom Coalition: 
The Dalek Factor - 


Anonymous said...

I'm a Big Finish Doctor Who noob. I've heard a 5 of the earliest 8th Doctor programs. (Storm Warning, Sword of Orion, Stones of Venice, Chimes of Midnight, Seasons of Fear)

I'm a bit confused as to the order you have these listed in. Why are the Company of Friends stories spread out? Why are the Mary Shelley stories listed so near the beginning? Big Finish has them listed as coming later in the series.

Evan said...

Hey David,
So the list here is presented in chronological order of the Eighth Doctor's timeline but Big Finish can jump back and forth around this as they please. So the Mary Shelley trilogy takes place BEFORE the Charley adventures which begin in Storm Warning and the Company of Friends stories are all over the place because they fit into pre-established gaps such as Fitz, who was only a book companion before that one audio story. Feel free to ask any more questions! :)

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