Thursday, 28 June 2012

The Fifth Doctor

The Fifth Doctor 

Cold Fusion -
The Tides of Time -
Return to the Web Planet - 
The Light at the End - 7/10
The Three Companions - 
The Sands of Time - 
Zeta Major - 
Time Crash -
Goth Opera -
Freakshow - 
The Crystal Bucephelus -
Deep Blue - 
Lords of the Storm - 
The Ultimate Treasure - 
No Place Like Home - 
Blood and Hope -
Cuddlesome - 
The Four Doctors - 


FriendOfWho said...

Hey, Phil, what do you consider a 'worth purchasing' score-8/10 and higher or something else?

Doc Oho said...

Hi, not sure who Phil is but if you are asking mg advice I would usually say that anything 7/10 or above is worth shelling out for if money is tight. Mind, it is all subjective, one man's 10/10 is another man's 1/10.


Joe (Doc Oho)

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