Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Just a bit of favourite reviews and kitty reactions

Take a look, these are some of the favourite reviews I have written, or at least some of the ones that were the most pleasurable to write. With some special guest star reviews, my two girls.

10) The Chase

Kitty review:

'Hide your eyes, dad, and it'll go away...' 

9) Death of the Doctor 

Kitty review:


8) The Scorchies

Kitty review: 

'Daddy's making a thing...and I'm not getting off until it goes bing!'

7) The Mark of the Rani 

Kitty review: 

'He wants to pervert history!' 

6) Doctor Who & the Pirates 

Kitty review: 

'I'm not coming out until Colin Baker stops singing...' 

5) The Daemons 

Kitty review: 

'Wake up! It's a classic!' 

4) The Last Post 

Kitty review: 

'Think you can sneak that much continuity past me...?' 

3) Revelation of the Daleks 

Kitty review: 

'This is supposed to be a kids show?' 

2) The Web of Fear 

'He's left me alone to watch this scary shit!' 

1) Terror of the Vervoids 

Kitty review: 

'That dialogue! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!' 

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Jimmy W said...

lol nice to know I'm not the only sad, lonely nerd who watches doctor who with his cats :)