Friday, 25 March 2011

Big Finish Survey

Hi there guys,

I am going to be posting the results of the survey in a couple of weeks and there has been some great stuff sent so far...this is my last reminder before because there's lots of you still to send your votes in!

Thanks for those who have taken part already and those that haven't...get on it!

Send your answers through to

Favorite 5th Doctor Audio:
Least Favorite 5th Doctor Audio:
Favorite 6th Doctor Audio:
Least Favorite 6th Doctor Audio:
Favorite 7th Doctor Audio:
Least Favorite 7th Doctor Audio:
Favorite 8th Doctor Audio:
Least Favorite 8th Doctor Audio:
Favorite Writer:
Best music in a audio:
Best music composer:
Best Cliffhanger:
Favorite Doctor:
Favorite Companion:
Favorite Original Character:
Favorite Returning Villain/Alien:
Favorite Original Villain:
Favorite Cover:
Best Spin Off Series:
Best Spin Off episode:

Feedback -
What do you think of the site?
Do you have a favourite review?
Do you find the site helpful in deciding what to buy?
What imporvements could be made to the site/reviews?

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