Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Big Finish Anniversary Giveaway

Good afternoon!

I am taking this opportunity to generate some fresh interest in the blog and to clear out some of my old CDs that I now have available as downloads. To co-incide with the anniversary of the 300th Big Finish release I will be giving away a number of CDs in small batches. In order to win all you have to do is introduce somebody new to the blog. I am assuming that everybody knows somebody who is a Doctor Who simply get them to add themselves to either the Twitter feed, the Facebook Group or the Google Plus on the blog and let me know that it has been done and I will randomly select somebody in 7 days time to take home the first batch of CDS... If you aren't a member of any of these then simply add yourself and let me know. 


juliaL49 said...

Oh, never knew you had a Facebook page! I liked myself - does that count? (following you on twitter already)
Over the years I've recommended your blog countless times :)

Ben Kirkham said...

I'm always pointing people toward your blog, it's brilliant!

Ben said...

I've added myself to your twitter, I've always enjoyed reading your well thought out reviews.