Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Ranking series eight in order...

1) Flatline - Astonishingly innovative, restoring my faith in NuWho in 45 minutes...

2) Last Christmas - One of the best xmas specials, clever, thoughtful, funny and frightening

3) Dark Water - Bleak but mature and with surprisingly vivid characterisation

4) Listen - Beguilingly ambitious and unforgivingly vague, I love it

5) Kill the Moon - Crazy ideas, scary moments and terrific production values

6) Mummy on the Orient Express - A disappointing ending spoils a stylish and scary romp

7) Into the Dalek - This one has gone up in my estimation (cheers Jack)

8) Time Heist - Brainless but full of style, this is popcorn entertainment at its best

9) Death in Heaven - Inspired moments intersped with retarded moments - Moffat in a nutshell

10) Robot of Sherwood - Fun until the science fiction elements spoil things

11) Deep Breath - A really dodgy (and boring) first half makes way for a darker second half

12) The Caretaker - Irritatingly unfunny, the soap elements just don't work in this episode

13) In the Forest of the Night - It's trying to be different and unfortunately that is why it fails

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Tango said...

Always makes me laugh your review of "Into the Dalek", you were very naive to believe that Danny and Clara were a sexually active couple.
Unfortunately they ended up being more false and artificial that Anakin and Padme.