Monday, 28 December 2015

Ranking series nine in order...

1) Heaven Sent - Startlingly adult and innovative, an astonishing episode

2) The Witches Familiar - Using the past as a weapon, this is a daring game of deception

3) The Zygon Inversion - Flawed, but with some shockingly good moments

4) The Girl Who Died - Sunny, funny and thoughtful

5) Face the Raven - Different, which series nine needs a lot more of

6) The Magician's Apprentice - Ignore the rock star nonsense, focus on Missy

7) Under the Lake - Traditional but told really confidently

8) The Zygon Invasion - Ambitious in places, cowardly in others

9) Before the Flood - A massively disappointing conclusion to an enjoyable set up

10) Hell Bent - Fanwank of the highest order

11) The Woman Who Lived - A woeful misstep, it isn't funny or dramatic

12) Sleep No More - Quite simply one of the most boring things ever

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Ed Azad said...

This'll be my last comment on the show for a while. There's such a gulf in opinion between the fans (a Golden Age for the show) and the dissenters (a self-satisfied production team) with enough of a political bee's nest (Clara as a feminist hero) that I don't feel this show is for me.

It's no longer a matter of, "Let's wait a year or two when everyone readjusts their optics." The show has just moved on.