Sunday, 9 December 2012

A little love for the authors of Doctor Who...

All of this week I have been spreading a little love for some of my favourite Doctor Who authors by plucking my favourite stories of theirs and letting them know on Twitter (I’m @docoho)

Day one of my author of the day picks…Jonathan Morris! (you can follow him @jonnymorris1973)

Tucked away in Jago & Litefoot’s series two – The Theatre of Dreams!

A heartbreaking fifth Doctor tale featuring some astonishing characterisation – The Eternal Summer

Jonny Morris out Moffatt’s Moffatt in this superb introductory tale for John Pickard’s Brewster – The Haunting of Thomas Brewster

Due a reprint shortly, a superb debut novel that tells a season 17 novel backwards – The Festival of Death

A witty, imaginative and very funny tribute to Douglas Adams – The Tomorrow Windows

Day two of my ‘author of the day’ picks…Jacqueline Rayner! (you can follow her @GirlFromBlupo)

A fantastic character tale bewitchingly capturing the magic of the Hartnell era – The Transit of Venus

A gorgeous comedy/tragedy with a musical flourish – Dr Who and the Pirates

Terrific characterisation and memorable horror – Wolfsbane

The Last Dodo, a brilliantly funny novel with a great message

Day three of my author of the day picks…Simon Guerrier! (you can follow him @0tralala)

The Cold Equations does something radical and very touching with the Hartnell era

A near perfect Zoe companion chronicles with a killer twist – The Memory Cheats

He whipped the Bernice Summerfield range into shape and departed with this stirring drama – The Wake

Mixing clever concepts, likable characters and a thought provoking ending – The Pirate Loop

Day four of my ‘author of the day’ picks…Justin Richards! (you can follow him @JJCRichards)

Rebooting the EDAs in superb, attention grabbing style – The Burning

Gripping ongoing character threads and fascinating hard science – Time Zero

Meticulously plotted with a magnitude of great ideas – Sometime Never

A Doctor Who Disney adventure with lovely characters and a great steampunk setting, The Ressurection Casket is pure sunshine

Combining Jago, Litefoot, the Doctor & Leela, The Hourglass Killers is dazzling end to season four

My favourite of the 4DAs, its colourful and very funny – The Renaissance Man

David Collings is magnificent in this shuddersome chiller – Litefoot & Sanders

Day five of my ‘author of the day’ picks…Joe Lidster! (you can follow him @joelidster)

Colin Baker & Nicola Bryant shine in an unforgettable homecoming for Peri – The Reaping

Unforgettably creepy and nightmare inducing – Daisy Chain

Hilarious, with a great social commentary – The Final Amendment

Brax is a badass and sets out to prove how much – The Crystal of Cantus

The Mark of the Berserker, The Mad Woman in the Attic & The Nightmare Man – classic SJA all

Day six of my ‘author of the day’ picks…Nicholas Briggs! (you can follow him @BriggsNicholas)

Subverting the tale it is based on in a fascinating way – Robophobia!

Bringing the 8DAs to an unforgettably climax and reducing me to tears – To the Death

Fiendishly scripted with the Daleks at their scheming best and gripping develops for the 6th Doctor and Charley – Patient Zero

A disquieting high concept tale with some very disturbing scenes – The Nowhere Place

A tale told as a scattered jigsaw with some of Big Finish’s strongest dramatic scenes – Creatures of Beauty

A cinematic end to Charley Pollard with some outstandingly vivid soundscapes – Blue Forgotten Planet

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