Sunday, 23 December 2012

A little love for the contributors of Doctor Who Week Three!

It’s my third week of ‘picks of the day’ and today belongs to the fabulous Frazer Hines! (you can follow him @WhoFrazer)

Tomb of the Cybermen, The Enemy of World & Fury From the Deep! Wonderful Jamie stories!

The Mind Robber, The Invasion and The War Games – three of the most exquisite Doctor Who stories! Its season six! 

Sixie and Jamie travelling together, what a fantastic idea! Wreck of the Titan! 

Jamie comes to terms with the fact that he isn’t…that would be telling! The wonderfully bonkers Legend of the Cybermen! 

An astonishing historical for Jamie and Frazer delivers a magnificent performance – The Glorious Revolution 

A creepy ghost story with Hines afforded the chance to explore the depths of Jamie – Night’s Black Agents 

Today’s ‘picks of the day’ belong to…the multi talented Mark Gatiss! (you can follow him @MarkGatiss)

A gorgeous love letter to the Pertwee era, Last of the Gadrene glows with nostalgia! 

Just about the perfect Doctor Who novel, thrilling, emotional and very scary – Nightshade 

Colourful, exciting and education, The Roundheads is one of the knockout Troughton PDAs 

An intelligent and evocative War of the Worlds pastiche with plenty of wit on display – Invaders of Mars 

A cosy slice of teatime horror, perfectly suited to the ninth Doctor & Rose – The Unquiet Dead 

Hugely underrated and great fun, Victory of the Daleks deserves re-evaluation 

Mark provides a memorably scary turn as the sinister Professor Lazarus – The Lazarus Experiment 

How has it taken me this long to reach my ‘picks of the day’ for Rob Shearman? (you can follow him @ShearmanRobert)

Quite simply one of the most sublime Doctor Who stories ever – The Chimes of Midnight 

An absolute classic of wit, intelligent and outlandish ideas – The Holy Terror 

Terrifying, innovative, hilarious, sick and thought provoking – Jubilee 

Bold and subversive, Rob creates an Unbound touch of genius - Deadline 

The only story to feature Evelyn Smythe and Motzart washing up together! – My Own Private Wolfgang 

A love letter to the comics and to film noir – The Maltese Penguin 

You may have noticed I chose every story…but I would have been cruel to have left any of these gems out! 

Today’s ‘picks of the day’ belong to the ultra glamorous Anneke Wills! (you can follow her @AnnekeWills)

A strong character drama with a stark, emotional turn from Anneke – Resistance 

A sunny delight where Wills and Hines tap into the innocence of the era with real aplomb – The Selachian Gambit 

Polly continues to be an absorbing narrator of the companion chronicles – The Forbidden Time 

The Smugglers, Power of the Daleks & The Macra Terror – fantastic stories all! 

 Today’s picks of the day belong the master of variety…Steve Lyons! @bigfinish

An attention-grabbing introduction for Lucie Miller with the Daleks at their scheming best – Blood of the Daleks 

Clever, lyrical and haunting – Time Works 

A dramatic, time twisting end to the Klein trilogy – Architects of History 

The fifth Doctor, Peri, Erimem and Dracula! Blood pumping stuff – Son of the Dragon 

The eruption of Vesuvius dealt with by a Scotsman and a redhead – The Fires of Vulcan 

A hilarious, touching and thoughtful coming of age story – The Crooked World

The deconstruction of literature in the Land of Fiction – Conundrum

Attention grabbing and controversial – Head Games

A dark, gripping morality tale for Troughton – The Final Sanction

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