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A little love for the contributors of Doctor Who - Week Two

Week two of my Who contributors ‘picks of the day’ begins with Barnaby Edwards! He writes, directs and stars in Doctor Who audios whilst also operating Daleks on the side for the TV series! (you can follow him @BarnabyEdwards)

One of the finest Doctor Who stories ever brought to life – The Chimes of Midnight @BarnabyEdwards

Directed by somebody who can walk a fine line between comedy and tragedy and featuring fantastic songs – Dr Who & the Pirates 

A sombre Christmas tale and one of the few Doctor Who stories to reduce me to tears & a story I owe a great deal to – Death in Blackpool 

Edwards turns this urgent script into a powerhouse drama, featuring stunning performances – Son of the Dragon 

One of the few men who could stand up to Bernice Summerfield, Edwards portrays John Lafayette magnificently – Walking to Babylon 

Beautifully written and directed, The Wreck of the Titan is cinematic and literate 

Week two, day two of my author ‘picks of the day’ belongs to…John Dorney! (you can follow him @MrJohnDorney)

A perfect representation of everything that Jago & Litefoot has to offer – Beautiful Things 

Bursting with romantic ideas and gorgeous character work – The Rocket Men 

A striking meditation on the nature of games, this is a flawless two hander – Solitaire 

Fiendishly clever and constantly innovating – The Forth Wall

A memorable love interest for Ace, JD memorably plays Henry Noone – A Death in the Family

Squaring up with Russell & Ford, JD delivers a formidable Alexander the Great – Farewell Great Macedon 

Week two, day three of my author ‘picks of the day’ belongs to…Eddie Robson! (you can follow him @EddieRobson)

An engaging thrill ride and my favourite Cyberman audio to date – Human Resources 

Stylish, funny and featuring magical character interaction – Grand Theft Cosmos 

Dark and thrilling, Doctor Who as a gripping urban thriller – The Condemned

Real imagination, fun concepts and awesome interplay – The Raincloud Man 

Responsible for the best season of Benny and a fabulously climactic final two parter – Escaping the Future 

Week two, day four of my ‘picks of the day’ goes to a Doctor Who performer…Nicola Bryant! (you can follow her @thenicolabryant)

Nicola is the star of Point of Entry where she gave me goosebumps in the terrifying cliffhanger 

An unforgettably grim sophomore effort for Peri in The Caves of Androzani 

The chemistry between Nicola and Colin soars in the colourful, imaginative and adult season twenty-two 

Two fantastic stories for Peri, especially her finale where she is shaved bald and…well that would be telling! 

An astonishing Nev Fountain script that offers Nicola Bryant the chance to show how far she can take this character –Peri & the Piscon Paradox 

Both Colin and Nicola shine in this unforgettable homecoming for Peri – The Reaping 

The best Peri & Erimem tale in which Nev Fountain allows for some real drama and comedy to flourish between them – The Kingmaker 

Week two, day five of my ‘picks of the day’ goes to one my favourite Who actresses – Louise Jameson! (you can follow her @Lou_Jameson)

A stunning emotional finale for Leela in Gallifrey’s A Blind Eye - @Lou_Jameson

A vivid character portrayal of Leela and star turn by Louise Jameson who pulls off a memorable Tom Baker – The Catalyst 

Leela and Boudica – what an unforgettable combination! – The Wrath of the Iceni 

A rich Matthew Sweet script and a star turn by Jameson – The Lonely Clock 

Louise burns brightly in season fifteen, especially in Horror of Fang Rock & The Sunmakers 

Today’s author of the day story picks belongs to…the mighty Paul Magrs! (you can follow him @paulmagrs) This’ll be tough because I pretty much rate everything he has done!

Dazzling, romantic, imaginative and beguiling – it’s the Stones of Venice 

Clever and rule breaking with a great role for Turlough – Ringpullworld 

A shamelessly camp Trial parody with more great lines than you can shake a stick at – The Wormery 

You’d be hard pressed to find a Doctor Who audio that gives you a bigger hug – Find and Replace 

A challenging slice of whimsy with beautiful imagery – The Blue Angel 

Mad as a hatter and brilliantly funny – Mad Dogs & Englishmen 

A fantastic cover, title and premise, Sick Building is full of tension and invention

My last day of week two of my ‘picks of the day’ belongs to the one and only, fabulous Tweety Peach…Katy Manning! (you can follow her @ManningOfficial)

Playing both Iris and Jo, this is Katy at her versatile best – Find & Replace 

Its Katy (Iris) and Colin (Sixie) – how can this be anything but pure gold? The Wormery

Jo trips onto the scene and captures our hearts…its season eight!

Jo grows up in season ten, falls in love and breaks our hearts… 

When I heard Jo was returning in a Sarah Jane Adventures script I actually screamed with joy! It’s Death of the Doctor 

And of course the wonderful telephone interview I had with her discussing her awesome Drama Showcase audio, Not a Well Woman! 

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