Monday, 4 January 2016

Ranking series five in order...

1) Vincent and the Doctor - Tackling a complex psychological issue with maturity and humour

2) The Pandorica Opens - Moffat coheres the season in riveting style, I love it

3) The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone - Confident, exciting, frightening...for the most part sublime

4) The Eleventh Hour - The Eleventh Doctor gets of to an absolutely flying start

Not reviewed yet...

5) Amy's Choice - A compelling sideways adventure, both touching and very funny

6) The Lodger - The first of Gareth Roberts sitcom Who and still the best

7) The Big Bang - Lovely moments but a severe letdown in the answers stakes

Not reviewed yet...

8) The Beast Below - A troubled script and production

9) The Vampires of Venice - Stylish but morally bankrupt and awkward humour

10) Victory of the Daleks - Introducing the bubble bath Daleks, a failed experiment

11) The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood - Starts promisingly, ends dismally


Nesta said...

Just curious, what do you mean by "morally bankrupt" when naming "Vampires of Venice"?

Joe Ford said...

Forgive me, but if you click on the link and read the review it speaks for itself.

Ed Azad said...

I always caught a glimpse of ol' Sixie in Eleven. I think it's the mouth.

Apart from that, you are right: this is where the Doctor starts to be 'All Doctors To All People': the cynical part of my brain thinks that SM doesn't want to settle on a set personality, because that would divide his fanbase, logical extentions and might impede the storyline.

It's sort of a photonegative of JNT, in a way: JNT didn't want to hurt the marketability of his creations, either, so he boxed everyone in. Moffat just takes the wheels off and says "go nuts", with the same net results.

Tango said...

To Ed Azad: Or maybe it's because the Eleventh Doctor was the last incarnation and had the whole "All Doctors To All People' works very well.
At least he did not end as a manic depressive as Tennant or an old bitter as Capaldi.