Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Ranking series four in order..

1) Turn Left - Jaw dropping drama and one of the best ever companion performances

2) Midnight - The most chilling character drama Doctor Who has ever put out

3) The Fires of Pompeii - Mostly hugely entertaining with an astonishing, dramatic punch in the face at the climax

4) The Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead - A perfect fusion of classic and NuWho

5) The Stolen Earth - Top quality movie-Who, a massive hit of excitement and action

6) Partners in Crime - A divine re-introduction of Donna to the series, cute and heart-warming

7) The Unicorn and the Wasp - Still Gareth Roberts' finest moments, a delicious Agatha Christie pastiche

8) The Sontaran Stratagem/The Poison Sky - A few awkward elements but mostly a colourful romp full of Pertwee elements

9) Planet of the Ood - Muscular, industrial and thoughtful but with too many elements

10) Journey's End - It says something about the quality of series four that this is still well above average

11) The Doctor's Daughter - It has potential but it squanders most of it. At least Donna excels


Ed Azad said...

Re: Midnight review: That commenter saying that Tennant is Adric 2.0...pretty bitchy, but on point!

One thing I admire about the Tenth Doctor, on a technical level, is how difficult he is to play. You may not like this particular Doctor. but only David (or an actor of aproximate skill) skill could play him effectively. I'll leave poor Matt alone, but you see my point.

This is not an indictment of the other Doctors, but David is a perfect synthesis of actor and character. The companions on this show are (usually) well-cast but it seems most of its leading men are playing against type, to a degree.

Anonymous said...

What I agree with the person who made the comment is about the tenth Doctor having a monumental ego and a bit of a superiority complex, all incarnations (except maybe Five and, to a degree, Eight) have big egos, its part of the character's charm but with Ten come a smugness that sometimes it's a bit unbearable. I can't help but like Eleven more than Ten but I agree with your point, Ed Azad

Ed Azad said...

Eleven wanted to be everybody's buddy. Whereas Ten was a hero with some glaring personal flaws. Personally I like a bit of anti-heroism as long as the story acknowledges and comes to term with it, but I can see why Smith is popular. He's just not my jam.

Derek Handley said...

Season 4 is my favorite season of the returned show, and Donna one of my all-time favorite companions. Thoroughly agreeing with your assessment of it. It was a pleasure re-visiting it through your reviews and reminding myself of it – especially after a tough work week!