Sunday, 10 January 2016

Ranking series three in order...

1) Human Nature/The Family of Blood - about as perfect as Doctor Who comes

2) The Sound of Drums - a guilty pleasure, packed with extraordinary moments

3) Blink - One to scare the adults...

To be reviewed...

4) Utopia - For the feeling of classic Who and the adrenaline packed final 15 minutes

5) Gridlock - Beautifully conceived and realised, I just love this crazy slice of Who

6) Smith and Jones - A smart and hugely entertaining re-imagining of Nu Who

7) The Shakespeare Code - Stylish and fun with some great Doctor/Martha interaction

8) 42 - Adrenalin packed Who, dumb but extremely exciting to watch

9) The Lazarus Experiment - Feels like classic Who, strangely comforting

10) Last of the Time Lords - somewhat underrated but with some questionable creative choices

11) Daleks in Manhattan/Evolution of the Daleks - Some astonishing direction, some appalling moments

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Martin Hudecek said...

Good list. I do think Cornell's two-parter was truly special, and begs the question why don't we have more from this unique creative juggernaut on the tv show.

Blink is somewhat overrated in my view, so it being just third was fair.

I do think Utopia and Sound of Drums could be swapped around, but they are part of the same story of course.