Thursday, 27 January 2011

Big Finish Survey

Hi guys,

I have nabbed these catagories from my friend Matthew McCoy's thread on Gallifrey Base but i would lve to find out more about what the readers of this site like. Once I will run this survery for 2 months - ending on 27th March and will post the results on 1st April. I have added a feedback section at the bottom because I would love to know what you guys think of the site.

Send your answers to

Favorite 5th Doctor Audio:
Least Favorite 5th Doctor Audio:
Favorite 6th Doctor Audio:
Least Favorite 6th Doctor Audio:
Favorite 7th Doctor Audio:
Least Favorite 7th Doctor Audio:
Favorite 8th Doctor Audio:
Least Favorite 8th Doctor Audio:
Favorite Writer:
Best music in a audio:
Best music composer:
Best Cliffhanger:
Favorite Doctor:
Favorite Companion:
Favorite Original Character:
Favorite Returning Villain/Alien:
Favorite Original Villain:
Favorite Cover:
Best Spin Off Series:
Best Spin Off episode:

Feedback -
What do you think of the site?
Do you have a favourite review?
Do you find the site helpful in deciding what to buy?
What imporvements could be made to the site/reviews?

Thanks for your time and I can't wait to read your answers!

1 comment:

GungaDin said...

I'm not quite caught up yet, but I wanna get through as much as I can before I submit my answers (and I think I can get through all the main range and 8th Doctor stuff before the "due date").

Can you remind us every so often so we don't forget?