Saturday, 6 February 2016

Ranking the McCoy era in order...

1) Ghost Light - The classic eras last gasp is one of its best

2) The Greatest Show in the Galaxy - Fantastic production value, gloriously entertaining

3) Remembrance of the Daleks - Proof that late 80s Who could still surprise

4) Delta and the Bannermen - No I'm not insane

5) Time and the Rani - It's atrocious but I can't help but LOVE it because of it

6) The Curse of Fenric - Very good, but the plotting is horrendous

7) Survival - Sensual and attention grabbing characterisation

8) Paradise Towers - An innovative script realised as a pantomime

9) The Happiness Patrol - Excellent moments rubbing shoulders with humiliating ones

10) Dragonfire - More dreadful panto with some fine performances

11) Battlefield - Exactly what the show needed to be doing, realised in just about the worst possible way

12) Silver Nemesis - Practically the nadir of classic Who, it's just the pits


Jimmy W said...

So happy to see someone who likes Delta and the Bannermen as much as I do. I'll never understand all the vitriol directed at that story.

Ed Azad said...

"…what has happened to these once menacing creations? I DON’T BELIEVE IT!"


As far as my investigations have taken me, no one associated with the New Series ever mentions this era, which is bizarre because all you have to do is compare them side-by-side. The influence is obvious (Tennant especially).

Maybe it's the eighties nostalgia talking, but I've always been a fan of seven and his Poirot schtick. I don't even mind Mel or the Kent's awful music...I quite like them actually, but the whole thing looks shot-on-video (or "shot on shitto" to quote another web critic) which pretty much wrecks any semblance of class this show still had!

Come to think of it, the classic series never did location shoots well, apart from the UNIT years. (And "City of Death", but what's the point of a Paris shoot if the Doctor's just running past cars instead of corridors...?)

"Paradise Towers" and "Happiness Patrol" confined themselves to the indoors, to their benefit I think.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, I'm not the only person out there who likes Delta!
I prefer the impish, Troughtonesque and lovable seventh Doctor from season 24 than the master manipulator, gloom and doom of later seasons, and the NA (except when he was written by Gareth Roberts) Doctor I consider a travesti of the lovable character we had on TV