Sunday, 7 February 2016

Ranking the Colin Baker era in order...

1) Revelation of the Daleks - Still a truly unique experience, sick and insanely stylish

2) The Two Doctors - One of the most entertaining Doctor Who's ever for me

3) Vengeance on Varos - More important to watch than ever given entertainment is heading in this direction

4) The Mysterious Planet - Colin Baker on razor sharp form and fantastic dialogue

5) The Mark of the Rani - A marvellous Time Lord bitch fight

6) Terror of the Vervoids - A deliriously enjoyable Agatha Christie tale in space

7) Mindwarp - For that shockingly good final episode

8) Attack of the Cybermen - Noisy and crass but packed with great moments

9) The Ultimate Foe - Atmospheric, dramatic but a little anti-climatic

10) The Twin Dilemma - Four great performances, one leaden plot

11) Timelash - Hideously enjoyable to watch for all the wrong reasons


Anonymous said...

To me, Varos and Two Doctors are the very best stories from the Colin Baker era

Ed Azad said...

Poor Colin never quite did it for me. I really liked your comparison to Avon from Blake's 7. I'm 99% sure Saward really wanted somebody suave like Darrow or Maurice Colbourne in the role, and was crestfallen when he was handed Baker. Maybe it worked out for the best, though. Doctor Who is all about "playing against type" (only Tom and Patrick, for my money, were born for the role) but if you push it too far, people will reject it...I'm always bewildered at the lack of affection for Nine. First impressions matter more than anything else in the world, and if you don't fit the public perception of what the "Doctor" is, then you're sunk.