Saturday, 13 February 2016

Ranking the third Doctor adventures in order...

1) Inferno - Dramatically speaking, the strongest Doctor Who of all time

Not reviewed yet...

2) Carnival of Monsters - So different from the story above, but just as strong

3) Day of the Daleks - Plotting wise, this just about perfect

4) Invasion of the Dinosaurs - No I'm not crazy, I love this

5) Spearhead from Space - A gripping opening for Pertwee

6) The Daemons - A classic, with a great role for everyone

7) Frontier in Space - Ridiculously entertaining for a story that is just escape/capture

8) Dr Who & the Silurians - Powerful drama and a great moral dilemma

9) Ambassadors of Death - A fine thriller with terrific direction

10) The Mind of Evil - Drama, action, scares...

11) The Time Warrior - Pertwee in history just feels right

12) The Green Death - A great moral and a fine character tale for the Doctor and Jo

13) The Sea Devils - Forget the terrible score, this is exciting stuff

14) Planet of the Spiders - Pertwee's swansong is a lot stronger than people think

15) The Curse of Peladon - Terrific alien characters and a fine plot

16) Terror of the Autons - Crazy, colourful fun with the Master making a striking debut

17) Death to the Daleks - A zippy adventure with lots of memorable scenes

18) The Claws of Axos - Doctor Who as influenced by mind altering drugs

19) Colony in Space - Overlong but not without its charms

20) The Monster of Peladon - See above, overlong but not without its charms

21) Planet of the Daleks - A fun, tradition adventure that is never once innovative

22) The Three Doctors - Aside from the titular Doctors, mostly embarrassing

23) The Time Monster - An rich amount of embarrassments

24) The Mutants - Claustrophobic, confused and terribly boring


Nesta said...

I enjoy The 3 Doctors more than I should due to Patrick Troughton's presence there. I could watch him all day!

Arkleseizure said...

I would just like to mention on thing I love about the unloved Mutants: The scenes where The Doctor and Sondergaard send everybody else to safety and then get to work in figuring out what the tablets mean. Here, we have two scientists risking life and limb while they work together to solve a mystery. I can't think of another scene in Doctor Who that so well captures the sheer joy of science. The two scientists are clearly loving it, bouncing ideas off one another and every step they take towards the solution is its own reward. The story as a whole might not be much cop, but I could never tire of watching that bit.

Liam Morrell said...

Surprised how low The Three Doctors is. I think its full of great ideas and more troughton is a gift. Not a fan of the daemons, a step too far into fantasy for Doctor Who i think