Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Ranking the Williams era in order

1) City of Death - Simply one of the most sublime pieces of television ever

To be reviewed...

2) The Ribos Operation - Completely charming, characterful and exploding with great lines

3) Image of the Fendhal - Perhaps the ultimate expression of horror in Doctor Who

4) The Pirate Planet - Too many tasty ideas for one story, it's drowning in creativity

5) Horror of Fang Rock - Atmospheric, brooding and terrifying

To be reviewed...

6) The Stones of Blood - Few stories give me quite this much pleasure

7) The Sun Makers - Witty as hell, sadistic as torture and with an acidic message

8) The Androids of Tara - Summery in every sense of the term, a delight

To be reviewed...

9) The Nightmare of Eden - Sod the production, this is brimming with creativity

10) The Horns of Nimon - It might be a pantomime but it's a bloody good one

11) Shada - Incomplete but still full of riches

12) The Armageddon Factor - I'm terribly fond of this, it's overlong but packed with solid concepts

13) The Invasion of Time - More production problems but a very brave script

14) Creature from the Pit - Each time I watch this I enjoy it more

15) Destiny of the Daleks - Stylish but occasionally flat and silly

16) The Power of Kroll - The final episode is quite gripping but its a long slog to get there

17) The Invisible Enemy - Some embarrassments but like so much of this era it is so imaginative

18) Underworld - The only real dud of the era, this dreadfully boring

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