Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Ranking the Davison era in order...

1) The Caves of Androzani - Predictable but so stunningly good in every way

2) Enlightenment - Practically perfect Who, atmospheric and fascinating

3) Frontios - One of the strongest conceptual stories, packed with strong moments

4) Snakedance - A stunning culture conjured up and great characters too

5) Earthshock - Dramatic and action packed, terrific direction and moments

6) Castrovalva - Unlike anything else in Doctor Who, beautiful and lyrical

7) The Five Doctors - Hugely nostalgic, it's a miracle this is as good as it is

8) Resurrection of the Daleks - Meaty and stylish if utterly incoherent

9) Black Orchid - Understated and quaint, gorgeous location work and characters

10) Mawdryn  Undead - Time travel, moral dilemmas, top notch concepts

11) Terminus - Far higher on the list than it would have been five years ago

12) Planet of Fire - A stylish affair, packed full of embarrassing moments

13) The Visitation - Bog standard history, occasionally exciting

14) The Awakening - Needs an extra episode and far more explanation

15) Warriors of the Deep - The trashy Davison stories start here...

16) Four to Doomsday - A tragic first step into the Davison era

17) Time-Flight - An manifold of embarrassments

18) The Kings Demons - Just the pits, I can't imagine Who sinking much lower


Ed Azad said...

Ironically Davison is my favorite BF Doctor. I love his raspy voice, and resigned attitude as the paradoxes keep piling up...He's a bumbler, the sort of Doctor who shoots Archduke Ferdinand by accident. How droll that this most peace-loving of Doctors would have the biggest body count. 'The story changes but the ending stays the same.'

I'm deliberating over allowing Snakedance to be screened at home, if only to see Martin Clunes in action (we love us some Doc Martin, or at least I did until this latest season...but that's another rant!). How am I supposed to explain the costumes worn by these regulars?

I was surprised to find that I liked Time-Flight. It really glued me to the screen for the first forty or so minutes...

...until the Master turned up. I still haven't the foggiest idea what he was doing.

The really sad part is, a Mandarin wizard snatching stuff out of time actually makes more sense. It's the sort of thing I expect from the new series (over-plotted mess).

Urlance Woolsbane said...

De gustibus non est disputandum, and all that, but I'm surprised to see the King's Demons at the bottom. I know it's not the best regarded story (I probably like it more than most do,) but I find it hard to think that it's the worst thing the Davison era was capable of. If nothing else, I like it considerably better than Arc of Infinity... Which I now see has been omitted from the list (I don't blame you for wanting to forget its existence :P)

Anyhow, keep the lists coming! Lists are cool!

Daniel Kukwa said...

I'm afraid I think you're totally wrong about "The Awakening", Joe...but it's your blog. List away... :)

Joe Ford said...

Perhaps you should state why, Daniel, instead of just saying you are wrong. That's no kind of constructive argument. It's no kind of argument at all.

Daniel Kukwa said...

Well, I could...if you'll teach all three of my grade 10 courses at the moment to give me time to write a proper review...but I'd never torture you so... ;)

But let's say this: I read two review sites I rely on...yours, and Phil Sandier's TARDIS Eruditorum. Sometimes you both agree, and other times you are miles apart (particularly on the Colin Baker era...now there is the great whiplash of opinion...wild, but damned entertaining). Sometimes I agree with you...at other times I agree with him. On the matter of "The Awakening", I am in his camp, as opposed to yours.

That said, I agree with you completely on "Attack of the Cybermen"...which, I believe, makes us one of a very small number of such connoisseurs. :)

Anonymous said...

Davison has 20 stories - where's Arc of Infinity?

Is Kinda tied with Mawdryn Undead?


Ed Azad said...
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Ed Azad said...

"Phil Sandier's TARDIS Eruditorum"

He's very good on the production history, political subtext and so on. I also enjoy his mythological take on the classic series. But when he starts applying that approach the shows coming out today, including Sherlock and New Who, it turns into a lot of mental masterbation... it's almost like a cult, that Eruditorum. The Chruch of Moffat, with Phil and Jane as the priests. (Jack is more of a loose cannon.)

Anonymous said...

I find Phil Sandifer a little too pedantic for my tastes. My second fav reviewer after Joe is "Styre" from Audioreviews.org.uk (despite him reviewing only audios). I still have to find another reviewer for the TV series I like, after Joe