Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Ranking season 18 in order...

1) Warriors' Gate - Visually and conceptually stunning with great characters too

2) Full Circle - A truly intelligent script, bolstered even more by stylish direction

3) State of Decay - A fusion of Hinchcliffe, Williams ad JNT

4) The Keeper of Traken - Beautiful design, nice ideas, insanely theatrical

Not reviewed yet...

5) The Leisure Hive - A bold new era of style, if not fun...

6) Logopolis - A bizarre mish mash of the very good and the very poor

7) Meglos - Bidmead stops all this bringing forth a really silly story

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Ed Azad said...

"JNT and Bidmead wanted to concentrate more on the story and less on the dynamics of the Doctor and his companions..."

Oof. Far be it from me to tell professional writers how to do their job. But it seems like Doctor Who is rooted in the most bog standard, sci-fi tropes out there, and if you take away the personality and jibes between the cast, what are we left with? A pulpy fifties throwback show that hasn't moved on with the rest of television, in appearance, direction, acting or budget.

It's always something with Doctor Who. They always find new ways to shoot themselves in the foot.