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The survey says...

I've just realised that whilst I have been running these polls for the last nine months I have only posted the results on Gallifrey Base rather than also posting them here are the results of the first handful of polls we have completed together!

What is your favourite Evelyn story?

1) Jubilee - 31%
2) Dr Who and the Pirates - 17%
3) The Marian Conspiracy - 14%
4) Spectre of Lanyon Moor - 11%
5) Arrangements of War - 8%
6) 100 - 6%

7) Bloodtide, Project:Twilight, Real Time, Medicinal Puposes, Thicker than Water - 2%

Jubilee and the Pirates are my favourite stories of hers as well, but it does make me feel quite sad for Thicker than Water, which I thought handled her character very sensitively.

What is your favourite Peri story?

1) The Kingmaker, Son of the Dragon = 16%
2) Eye of the Scorpion, Chruch and the Crown = 12%
3) The Axis of Insanity = 8%
4) Whispers of Terror, The Council of Nicea, Year of the Pig, The Mind's Eye, Bride of Peladon = 4%

No votes - Red Dawn, Nekromentia, Roof of the World, Three's a Crowd, Exotron

Son of the Dragon made an impressive last minute jump to joint first...

What is your favourite Charley Pollard Story? Oddly I didn't post the percentages here just the order of the stories...)

1st place) The Chimes of Midnight (with more than double the votes of the next serious competitor)
2nd place) Storm Warning, Neverland, The Girl Who Never Was, Blue Forgotten Planet (nice to see Charleys debut and finale so high up in the list) - 6 votes each
3rd place) The Natural History of Fear, The Condemned (two experimental titles)
4th place: Invaders from Mars, Seasons of Fear, Scherzo, Terror Firma, Brotherhood of the Daleks, The Raincloud Man, Paitent Zero (this puts nearly all but two of Charley's last seven stories in the top 4)
5th place: Stones of Venice, Embrace the Darkness, The Last, Memory Lane, The Doomwood Curse (5 very decent stories)
6th place: Sword of Orion, Creed of the Kromon, Faith Stealer, Caerdroia, The Next Life, Other Lives, Time Works, Something Inside, Paper Cuts (I supposed somebody had to vote for these stories - I would have put Other Lives much higher though)
7th place: Minuet in Hell, Time of the Daleks, Zagreus, Scaredy Cat, Absolution, Return of the Krotons (Ahem)

Unvoted (and unloved): The Twilight Kingdom

What is your favourite Lucie Miller story?

1) Human Resources
2) Grand Theft Cosmos
3) The Eight Truths, Worldwide Web
4) Horror of Glam Rock, Max Warp
5) Blood of the Daleks, Sisters of the Flame, Vengeance of Morbius, Wirrn Dawn, Death in Blackpool
6) Brave New Town, Zygon who Fell to Earth, Orbis, Hothouse, The Cannabilists
7) The Beast of Orlock
8) Immortal Beloved, Phobos, No More Lies, Dead London, The Skull of Sobek

Nice to see every story get one vote - most of her first season is lingering at the bottom of the poll whilst Human Resources was always at the top spot throughout the seven days. My personal favourite, Grand Theft Cosmos, takes a proud second place highlighting the great chemistry McGann and Sheridan shared. Epic spider action at the end of Lucie's third year rightly comes high up in the poll.

Which television companion from the main ranges has benefited most from their Big Finish adventures?
1) Mel - 41%
2) Nyssa - 29%
3) Peri & Ace - 11%
4) Bernice Summerfield - 5%

Looking at this list it is pretty much how I would sum up the situation! Mel has benefited hugely from the Big Finish audios - the allowance of time and retrospect looking back at how she was portrayed during seasons 23/24 has allowed Big Finish the chance to offer us the Mel we might have seen had the writers invested more energy and intelligence into her. There were fleeting moments where Bonnie Langford shined but they did focus far too much on the screaming rather than allowing any kind of personality to shine through. Fires of Vulcan sees Mel at her best; determined, unfazed by bullies, terrified at her fate at the hands of Vesuvius. Subsequent stories built on this strong characterisation - The One Doctor saw the writers and Bonnie Langford gleefully poking fun at the characters faults and having Mel come off all the stronger for it, Catch 1782 gave her a nice meaty amnesia story, Red and The Juggernauts saw her getting some strong independent storylines, Bang Bang a Boom some more laughs and Thicker than Water sees the baton being well and truly passed between Evelyn to Mel. It has been a refreshing ride to see her character grow.

During the Survival-Rose hiatus what was your favourite Doctor Who?

1) Big Finish Adventures - 53%
2) The Books - 33%
3) The TV Movie - 13%
Last Place - the DWM comic strip - no votes

Which of these producers of Doctor Who did you think did the best job? (I know I completely forgot Graeme Williams who is one of my faves!)

1) Russell T Davies - 36%
2) Barry Letts - 26%
3) Verity Lambert - 21%
4) Philip Hinchcliffe - 15%
No votes - John Nathan-Turner

Poor old JNT - still languishing in poll hell when he produced some of the best ever Doctor Who (the best ever Doctor Who story if DWM is anything to go by) and kept the show alive much longer than it had any right to. I am very pleased to see seasoned professional Barry Letts so high up on the list because I suspected Hincliffe would have won by a landslide majority. Good old RTD - well deserving first place, writer and producer extrordinaire.

Which of these stories is the funniest?

1) City of Death - 55%
2) The Romans - 33%
3) The Unicorn and the Wasp - 11%

No votes: The Gunfighters, The Underwater Menace, Carnival of Monsters, Warriors of the Deep, Timelash,
Time and the Rani and Boom Town

Nice to see that nobody went for the unintentionally funny stories - although I have to be honest that when I feel like a good belly laugh I do stick on Warriors of the Deep or Time and the Rani sometimes. What I would actually coin the funniest story however, on its merits of having a funny script and some genuinely good comic performances and tone is The Romans and The Gunfighters, both of which see Hartnell at his adorable best. Odd how The Romans was the runaway winner for about 2/3 of the week and suddenly City of Death had a huge surge of votes at the last minute!

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