Friday, 15 April 2011

The Third Zone Issue Three

Come on over and take a peek at The Third Zone Issue Three where we have a wealth of treats for you...

EIGHTH DOCTOR SERIES FOUR PALOOZA! This month we have three interviews - Nick Briggs, Alan Barnes and Niky Awrdley as they discuss their work on the incredible final season of the Eighth Doctor Adventures. Plus I complete my run of reviews for the last series with The Ressurection of Mars, Relative Dimensions, Prisoner of the Sun, Lucie Miller and To The Death coming under the microscope!

REVIEWS OF ALL THE LATEST MERCHANDISE! The Mara Tales and The Forbidden Time are dissected by Andy whilst I tackle Eddie Robson's Industrial Evolution.


WHO ONLINE! This month Stuart Humphries astonishing Babelcolour YouTube videos are the focus and we have an exclusive interview with the man himself...

THE WRETCHED RANI! This months debate sees me and Andy discussing the Rani as he tears her to pieces and I build her back up again!

HEARTLESS! Lloyd Rose's memorable Victorian chiller, Camera Obscura is discussed in A Matter od Perspective.

AXOS CALLING EARTH! Expect laughter as Simon and Charlotte, our very patient other halves tackle the four part Petwee classic, The Claws of Axos!

NOT A WELL WOMAN! Katy Mannings' latest Big Finish delight is reviewed and an interview posted...

EXTERMINATE! The Apocalypse Element is listened to an thoroughly enjoyed in this months Evelyn Escapades!

Where else could you go to get all this material for free?

Come and join us at The Third Zone and as ever your comments are very welcome!

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